Industry leader Jerry Ghionis could have chosen any website company in the world, but he chose Good Gallery.

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry Ghionis

He’s a Nikon Ambassador, the founder of The Ice Society, inventor of the Ice Light, author of Darling, creator of PicPockets, and is recognized as one of the best wedding photographers and educators in the world. He’s also an American Photo Top 10 Wedding Photographer and runs the WPPI Print Competition. Simply, the incomparable Jerry Ghionis is a force of nature who loves equipping photographers to succeed.

When it came time for Jerry Ghionis to choose a new website company, he could have chosen any technology in the world. But with his pick of the lot, he chose Good Gallery. Why? His answer is simple: “I chose Good Gallery because it’s a company started by an experienced photographer and SEO expert who understands photographers and their needs. The best compliment I can give is that if Apple were to create websites for photographers, this would be it. Good Gallery should be called ‘Great Gallery.’”

As a working photographer and business owner, Jerry has the same needs that most photographers do. He needs to be visible, to have great Google placement and to provide potential clients (whether those be brides or photographers) with an easy way to see his work and his company’s product offerings.

The Good Gallery team helped Jerry customize his primary WordPress portal page that leads into both his Wedding website and his Portrait website—both of which are running on the Good Gallery platform. This in turn created a more seamless user experience for potential wedding photography clients and for photographers who might be interested in his products or workshops. “Good Gallery is less intimidating than other websites to use,” says Jerry. “It’s intuitive and people love the fast load times for the large images. It’s got a great user interface, and it’s easy to create and change things on the site.”

Once Jerry launched his totally revamped Good Gallery site, he noticed an almost immediate jump in client inquiries. “My inquiries went up more than 25%, and the site has directly improved my search engine visibility and bookings.”

As a guy who spends more time traveling than he does at home, Jerry also realized that the mobile version of whatever site he chose had to be superior in every way. “[Good Gallery’s] mobile friendliness is exceptional,” says Jerry. “It’s incredibly fast and SEO friendly. Plus, the customer service is incredible.”

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