Susan Stripling likes to blame Good Gallery for a lot of things, including an increase in client inquiries and bookings, better Google placement and more time spent on her website by potential clients.

Susan Stripling

Susan Stripling

Susan Stripling is recognized the world over for her ethereal artistry and keen use of light. A regular educator on Creative Live, she’s also sought-after speaker at photographic conferences, author of Think Books, and is also an American Photo Top 10 Wedding Photographer. She’s also a WPPI judge. Despite Susan’s incredible work, her web site just wasn’t doing what she hoped in terms of bringing her more business.

Enter Good Gallery, which provided Susan with the tools she needed to achieve her Google-placement and image-presentation goals. Since launching her Good Gallery site, Susan says she has seen numerous improvements to her business, including increased inquiries and a higher per-client monetary booking average.

“My client inquiries have gone up by 30%,” says Susan. “The quality of leads is better, the venues I’m getting leads for are the ones I want, and it’s getting easier to book weddings at places I want to work.” She also notes that her average booking per wedding increased by an average of $700+ per client, thus enabling her to raise her prices for the first time in three years without any negative impact to her overall booking rate.

Since launching her Good Gallery site, Susan says that her bounce rate improved from 54% to 39%, and the average time visitors stay on her site has improved from 2:30 minutes to 3:46 minutes. Her per-visit page views have also increased from an average of four pages per visit to an average of 18 pages per visit. Susan also says that she has been impressed with Good Gallery’s site-load speed, noting that her site speed has improved from 14:47 seconds to 6.1 seconds.

Before she launched her new site, Susan already had a good amount of traffic. But since switching to Good Gallery, Susan’s view count has increased from 1.125M views to 3.2M views.

To get started, Susan followed all the instructions provided in the Good Gallery user manual and finished every step before launching her site. Her commitment to doing things in accordance with Good Gallery recommendations helped her gain prominent Google placement for all the search terms that were important to her.

“I didn’t know much about SEO, but Good Gallery made it very easy. I also loved the speed of the site and the excellent mobile interface.”

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