Who We Are

Good Gallery’s powerful and customizable portfolio websites help photographers differentiate themselves and do more business. We take this simple idea seriously and part of that is making the responsiveness of Good Gallery websites our highest priority. We have the most optimized code and fastest download speeds available and this means that visitors will spend more time on your Good Gallery site than on your competitor’s sites. As a corollary, with our powerful and customizable settings, your website can be distinctive from your competitors and reflect your unique brand down to the smallest site detail—and this is important if you want to stand out in the crowded market of professional photographers. And with the importance of mobile compatibility, our websites take a unique approach of using both adaptive and responsive design. This means that mobile users are presented with an experience that is specifically optimized for phones and tablets, without the functional and aesthetic compromises commonly seen with purely responsive design.

In software development there’s a term call “minimum viable product.” That phrase typically means that you launch software when it has the minimal number of features required to meet the basic needs of users. But at Good Gallery, we have a different business model. We believe in the “minimum loveable product.” And to us, that phrase means that we don’t offer any feature unless we feel that it is fully mature and ready for prime time. Let us provide you with a website you can love.

the It is the sweet spot between products without the required features that fail immediately when shipped and the products with too many features that cut return and increase risk.

What We Do

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UX + Web Design 90
HTML / CSS / JavaScript 95
SEO 98
Badminton 62

Meet Our Management Team

Rob GreerFounder / CEO
Rob has been building websites professionally since 1995. He has owned successful dotcoms and as Managing Director of a national e-commerce consultancy, his clients included Walmart, Dillard’s, and Conoco. For the last decade he has managed an enterprise-class web-based software company boasting over 500,000 users. Also, with proven experience acquiring first-page organic positions on Google, he has been privileged to speak as an SEO expert at regional, national and international conferences. Rob has been a professional photographer since 2004; he specializes in weddings, portraits, and product photography.

Rey TrajanoCIO
As our leader in user experience (UX) design, Rey brings over a decade of advanced JavaScript development to bear on Good Gallery projects. Also, as a professional portrait and glamour photographer, Rey boasts scads of magazine credits and also conducts photography workshops for aspiring photographers. His photography is also incredibly popular on Instagram where he boasts over 200,000 followers.