Move Your WordPress Blog – Only $199

When you choose the Blog Migration Service, Good Gallery engineers will move your WordPress themes, plugins, and content from your current host to your new WordPress installation located on Good Gallery servers. This service includes:

  • backup content on your current WordPress blog in preparation for the move
  • activate your new WordPress blog
  • restore backup to your new blog
  • activate all plugins & test your new blog
  • manual migration assured


Here are a few things to remember about the Blog Migration Service:

  • After the Good Gallery engineering team begins your blog migration, you should stop making changes to your old WordPress installation. Any changes made after migration begins will not be included in the data moved to the new location.
  • Do not activate your Good Gallery WordPress installation prior to the migration. The Good Gallery engineering team will handle that for you during the migration.

Do This First

Before you send us the information outlined in the “What We Need” section below, please update your blog to the latest version of WordPress. Also update all themes and plugins to their latest versions. It’s recommended that you backup your WordPress blog before you perform any of these system updates.

What We Need

Once you’re ready to get started with the transfer of your blog, we’ll need the following information for your old WordPress installation:

  1. WordPress URL
  2. WordPress Admin URL
  3. WordPress Admin Username
  4. WordPress Admin Password
  5. FTP Host Address
  6. FTP Username
  7. FTP Password
  8. Your GoodGallery URL

If necessary, you may need to contact your old hosting provider for the relevant FTP information. Please send these details to Once we receive this information along with your payment, we’ll complete your request within 7 business days. If you didn’t select the Blog Migration Service when you initially ordered your Good Gallery website, and if you’d like to add this service, just send us an email and we’ll issue you a new invoice for this Blog Migration Service.

After The Move

Once your blog has been moved, you’ll probably need to modify the behavior of your blog–especially if you had a website that was built entirely on WordPress.  At a minimum you’ll likely need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Login to your WordPress blog at
  2. Go to Settings > Reading.
  3. Change the “Front page displays” setting to Your latest posts.
  4. Go to Appearance > Menus.
  5. Change the links on your menu to link to the appropriate pages on your Good Gallery website.
  6. Go to Pages > All Pages.
  7. Remove any pages that are no longer needed.
  8. Optional: Create 301 Redirects for any pages you plan to move or remove. 301 Redirect info is in the Good Gallery User Manual.

Terms & Conditions

  • Once services related to the Blog Migration Service have been rendered, fees related to this service are non-refundable.
  • This service does not typically include migrating files that have been stored using non-standard methods outside of the normal WordPress architecture.
  • We perform a cursory test of your blog after the migration to ensure that all of your major pages appear to be operating as expected. However, after you receive notification that the migration is complete, you should test your own site and compare the migrated content against your current content in order to ensure that everything appears to be correct. You should also ensure that all forms and plugins are operating as expected.
  • Blogs hosted on Good Gallery servers are located in the “blog” subdirectory only (e.g. If your old blog uses a different subdirectory name instead of “blog,” we can customize and provide ongoing support for a name modification for an additional one-time charge of only $50 (e.g. or /blogsite or /myblog instead of
  • If your blog was previously located in the root directory of your website, then the path to your pages and posts will change. After your move, your WordPress blog will be located in the “blog” subdirectory (e.g. To maintain your search engine rankings, we recommend that you create 301 Redirects for pages and posts that have moved (in addition to any pages and posts that you plan to remove). Assuming your pages and posts were in the root directory of your website, then you should use the Good Gallery 301 Redirect tool located in Settings > Sitewide Options. More information about 301 Redirects can be found in the Good Gallery User Manual.
  • If your old website was a blogsite, then after our migration you may need to revise your WordPress settings to remove pages (including your home page) and instead assign Posts to what what was once your home page (instead of a Page).

Not Included

The following services are not included. This is a partial list and does not represent a full and complete accounting of omitted services. Although we offer these services separately, these services are not included in the Blog Migration Service.

  • New Theme Installation
  • Customizations of WordPress Themes
  • Plugin Troubleshooting
  • WordPress Consulting
  • Migration / Combination of Multiple Blogs
  • Changes to WordPress Menus
  • Migration of Content Located Outside Standard WordPress Directories
** services, descriptions, and pricing are subject to change without notice **