Nikon Ambassador Cliff Mautner is a true original, so he needed a site that could bring the presentation of his work up to speed with Google’s ever-changing algorithm without sacrificing user experience.

Cliff Mautner

Cliff Mautner

As a recipient of the WPPI Lifetime Achievement Award and two-time Grand Award winner, Cliff Mautner’s photographic experience knows few bounds. Named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by American Photo magazine, Cliff’s work has long served as an inspiration for both younger photographers as well as seasoned photography veterans. He’s also a longtime WPPI judge and conducts numerous sold-out workshops every year.

Like many busy photographers, Cliff’s old website was based in Flash, and he hadn’t had time to update it for many years. When Cliff began looking for a new website company, he immediately knew that Good Gallery had to be at the top of his short list. “I’m not a very web savvy individual,” says Cliff, “but Good Gallery incorporated the things I needed, and I was able to figure out how to do much of it myself (with a bit of help from the Good Gallery staff).”

Cliff cites simplicity, SEO capabilities and ease of use as some of the primary reasons he chose Good Gallery. But as a results-oriented photographer, Cliff was most interested in what Good Gallery could do for his overall business.

“There’s no doubt that my number of inquiries has increased,” Cliff says. “While I haven’t run specific numbers, my traffic has increased, my inquiries have increased, and my bookings are 10% ahead of where they were at this time last time year . . . and this is during a time when many photographers are behind where they were.”

From an SEO perspective, Cliff says he’s now “ranking on the 1st or 2nd page [of Google] where [he] wasn’t ranking at all before. There is a clear cut, massively noticeable difference in rankings for many of the venues I shoot at. The site enables you to target specific places you want to work, and the results can’t be argued with. The proof is in the rankings, inquiries, and bookings. There isn’t much else that matters.”

“To me,” Cliff says, “it’s all about SEO, SEO, SEO!!! Good Gallery’s SEO strategies work. Period.”

But beyond SEO, Cliff is an artist who says, “I happen to love the way the site looks, the way it loads, and the way it morphs on various devices. I chose the full-frame mode, and my images aren’t cropped on most computers. I was able to choose my crop for mobile devices with the help of the square crop feature. The Good Gallery staff was able to customize the color of my new site to match my branded color. That made all the difference in the world with regard to the appearance of the site.”

“Stories are great,” says Cliff. “But results are better. And I’ve honestly seen results. I also think the images speak for themselves with this site. The tiles I chose enable me to present my work in a powerful yet simplistic fashion. Also, I really love how easy it is to change things around, or just add an image here or there. The interface is incredibly simple and it only takes seconds to update. And several clients have mentioned that they liked the way my videos were incorporated into the site.”

“Pretty much everything about Good Gallery has exceeded my expectations,” says Cliff. “I am more than happy I switched, and I was pretty damn happy with my prior site. Even though Google wasn’t as happy with it as I was.”

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