American Photo calls her one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World but her busy schedule meant that her website’s performance had fallen behind. She turned to Good Gallery to ensure that all her business and SEO needs were met.

Dina Douglass

Dina Douglass

Los Angeles-based photographer Dina Douglass has shot weddings in 12 countries and been published more than 100 times. She’s also a WPPI judge. Known for her colorful work with multicultural and destination wedding clients all over the world, Dina’s schedule kept her so busy that she didn’t really notice that Google was starting to hate her website.

“My previous Flash-based site was six years old and Google hated it,” recalls Dina. “It wasn’t ranking anywhere, and its mobile capabilities were awful. This meant that potential clients couldn’t easily see my work, and thus may have moved on to other photographer websites. When I stopped to think about how many opportunities I may have lost due to my outdated and slow site, I realized that it was time for a change.”

When Dina began her search for a new website company, she found numerous companies that offered nice templates but didn’t have much functionality behind their designs. “I wanted fast image load times, strong SEO capabilities, image-protection features, auto-resizing and auto-optimization for every device. And finding all that in one company wasn’t easy,” Dina says.

“I really looked at a lot of different website companies before deciding to go with Good Gallery. As I researched various companies, I found that many offered style without substance. The fact that Good Gallery was built to Google’s standards and is constantly updated to ensure that it continues to comply with those standards was really important to me, as was the fact that their sites included all the features I wanted,” she recalls. “But like most photographers, what I really wanted was results. I wanted my site to show up again in Google searches, as it had all but disappeared. And I wanted my woeful site stats to get back to their glory days.”

Since launching one year ago, Dina has actively tracked her SEO and visitor stats, and says that overall inquiries are up by at least 40% over the past three years. She notes that her bounce rate has gone from 79% down to 38%, and that the average time visitors stay on her site has tripled. She also reports that her SEO performance has been outstanding. “My old Flash-based site was not ranking anywhere in the first 10 pages of Google. I am now on Page 1 of Google for almost every search term that matters to me. This is a huge improvement over not showing up anywhere.”

“Overall, my Good Gallery site looks much more professional than my old site, and also facilitates incredibly quick access to images and information—from any device—for my clients. The mobile interface is great, which is important, since 38% of my visitors access my site via mobile device. Potential clients can easily see my work in a quick-view masonry grid, and the image load speed is fantastic. The SEO capabilities are also outstanding, and the end result of all the SEO work that I did is clearly evident in my site rankings. I also really love the on-image-credit feature,” Dina says.

“I’ve been very impressed with Good Gallery’s customer service and response times. If I send an inquiry, I get a quick response. On the rare occasions I can’t find the answer on my own, I can just send an email and can expect a timely response from someone who knows what they’re talking about. The user manual has actually answered most of my questions, so I rarely have to send emails. But on those rare occasions that I do, I’ve received a prompt response.”

“There have been numerous instances where my Good Gallery site has helped me land new business. I actually just got back from photographing a wedding in Bali, Indonesia, for clients who are based in Hong Kong. They found my site online and hired me after a few emails and one phone call. They may not have ever found my old site, as it didn’t rank in the first 10 pages of Google, let alone on the first or second page. I’ve also recently received inquiries from numerous potential clients who are having weddings in overseas locations. These inquiries are directly attributable to the fact that I availed myself of all the SEO capabilities that Good Gallery had to offer, and thus rank well for related search terms.”

“As an analytical person, I did not make the decision to go with Good Gallery lightly. I am not easily swayed by things that look pretty but have no substance. I wanted a site backed by a perfectionist team that was focused on staying up to date with Google’s demands and ever-changing technology. I wanted a site that made things as easy as possible for my potential and existing clients. And I wanted a site that offered what I wanted in terms of speed, SEO capabilities and image-protection features.”

In summary, Dina says, “I’m no longer embarrassed about my website, and am able to happily show it to publications, event planners and potential clients without having to apologize or explain something away. In short, I’m very happy with my choice of Good Gallery.”

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