Tahoe’s leading portrait and wedding photographer is known for fresh, artistic work that delights her local and destination clients. But her search engine rankings were in dire need of an overhaul.

Rose Street StudioWhen Tahoe-based photographer Jaime Emery started noticing a downturn in her search engine rankings, she turned to various photography forums to ask what she should do. After numerous photographers referred her to Good Gallery, she became an early adopter and has been thrilled with the improvements to her business.

When asked why she chose Good Gallery, Jaime said, “I really loved the simple layout and how it highlighted the photographs more so than other website designs. I also really needed help with SEO because I loathe blogging, and I know Good Gallery is really well known for SEO. I really know absolutely nothing about SEO, but [founder Rob Greer] was really helpful in answering all my questions and ‘dumbing it down’ for me. The SEO keyword suggestion page and user manual instructions were also very helpful to me.”

Since launching her website, Jaime reports that her bookings have gone up by 60% over the same timeframe last year. Her search engine positions have also seen a dramatic improvement. “I’ve gone from almost non-existent rankings to ranking on Page 2 for most of my wedding-related keywords and to ranking on Page 1 for portrait and boudoir photography.”

Jaime also cites client and colleague feedback as further proof that she made the right decision in switching to Good Gallery. “I have photographers and clients tell me that my site is modern, clean and really sets me apart from other photographers,” says Jaime. “I think the simplicity of the designs lends itself well to my brand. I’m happy to finally see a website where the images don’t get lost in an overly designed site, but at the same time, it’s still totally customizable.”

“It’s also really easy to set up, so someone like myself who doesn’t have the patience to read through a manual, can get started right away,” notes Jaime. “The grid-style homepage also lets me display a lot of my work all at once, so potential clients can easily get a sense of my cozy and backlit shooting style.”

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