Through customization, we can offer you the features you want right away within a near-term timeframe—often within just a few days.


Before providing an official quote for any customization, you’ll first receive a ballpark estimate. This ballpark estimate presents you with a general idea as to the possible potential expenses related to your proposed customization.

If you approve the ballpark estimate, then we’ll create a short description defining the functional requirements of the feature you’ve requested. Those functional requirements are then shared with the engineering team and our engineers will then provide you with the official quote for your requested customization.

Initial ballpark estimates are sometimes provided without feedback from the engineering team. Therefore, although the official quote is often near to the ballpark estimate, in some situations the official quote amount may be significantly higher or lower than the ballpark estimate.


Our fees for customization are based how many hours we estimate it will take to complete any customization. However, our official quote is a fixed cost bid. That means that you’ll only pay the final quote amount, regardless of how much time it takes to complete the work.