About Us

Good Gallery’s powerful and customizable portfolio websites help photographers differentiate themselves and do more business. We take responsibility seriously.

We have the fastest download speeds available. This means that visitors will spend more time on your Good Gallery website than on your competitor’s sites. Our websites are also known for amazing SEO capabilities and approachable simplicity.

We’d like to help you build a website you can love.

Mission Statement + Brand Pillars

We provide highly customizable websites that help photographers showcase their photography and acquire new business.

Our websites are fast, simple, polished, sensible, reliable, customizable, innovative, engineered, experiential, valuable, adaptive, and responsive.


We believe that black lives matter. We oppose health, social, justice, safety, and opportunity inequities. We won’t tolerate abuse, discrimination, harassment, insensitivity, racism, or violence. Authenticity, empowerment, diversity, inclusion, and marriage equality are our personal and professional imperatives. We support people, organizations, and politicians who recognize these mandates. Let’s have difficult conversations and grow together.

The Team

Since 2011, our team has worked together tirelessly to provide photographers with the best website builder. But our story started even earlier. We have programmers on our team who started working with our founder in 2001.

To put it simply, our platform is enhanced daily by a group of experienced professionals who know how to build scalable software for demanding customers.

Our Founder

Our Founder and Managing Director is Rob Greer. He started Good Gallery in 2011 with the idea of combining his deep experience with websites, SEO, technology, and of course photography to develop the perfect platform for photographers.

Rob has been building websites and web-based applications professionally since 1995. He was also the founder several successful dotcoms including Golfballs.com. He has also helped build websites for major brands like Walmart, Dillards, AOL, Conoco, Schlumberger, NASA, and for hundreds of smaller businesses. Rob also invented and developed the world’s first web-based gradebook.

In addition to his technical background, Rob is a professional photographer who markets his own six-figure photography studio on a Good Gallery website. Today, Rob Greer Photography ranks for many of the most competitive photography-related keywords in the United States including los angeles photographer, los angeles portrait photographer, los angeles event photographer, and los angeles product photographer.

Rob also teaches SEO and website marketing year after year at major photography conferences like PhotoPlus, WPPI, and PPA’s Imaging USA. He has also taught SEO at the National Association of Professional Child Photographers Retreat, Mystic, the I Am Photographer Festival in Tallinn, Estonia, and online via The Wedding School and Sue Bryce Education.