Domain Administration — $50

You shouldn’t need to hire us to configure your domain name settings. We provide detailed instructions in our User Manual that describe how to you can complete this task on your own. But if you don’t want to change these settings yourself, we won’t leave you hanging.

With this service, we’ll configure your domain registrar settings so that your domain name will point to our servers and your new Good Gallery website. And we’ll forward any additional domains to your primary domain.

If you’re absolutely certain you can’t do this yourself and that you’d like to use our Domain Administration Service, send an email to and we’ll send you an electronic invoice for this service.


  • changing hostnames records to point to your default registrar settings
  • modifying A records to point to Good Gallery IP addresses
  • ensuring MX records are the same as originally configured after all changes
  • configuring domain forwarding for up to 3 additional domains

Send Us Your Domain Info

Once you’ve signed up for this service, send us your login information so we can make important changes to your domain settings.