301 Redirects

301 Redirects are used to notify browsers and search engines when a page on your website has moved to a new location. In other words, 301 Redirects are a permanent forwarding address for old URLs.

Creating a 301 Redirect is like submitting a change of address card to the post office when you move to ensure that your postal mail is forwarded correctly. These are forwarding addresses for your website.

Manual 301s

Good Gallery includes a feature that allows you to manually define 301 redirects. You simply list the original URL alongside the destination URL, and any traffic is automatically redirected.

Automatic 301s

Since manually creating 301 redirects can be tedious, we include a feature that automatically creates a 301 redirect when you change the URL for any page. URLs typically change when you modify page titles or optimize keywords in URLs. When that happens, 301 redirects are created automatically.

We are the only website builder who has developed this innovative feature. This feature will save you time and effort while also removing common errors that happen when  you try to keep up with this information manually.

Image 301s

If you rename photo, the filename and the URL for that image will also change—if you allow it. When that happens, a 301 redirect is automatically created. This ensures that you to maintain optimal SEO for the image in question as visitors and search engines visiting your old URL are automatically moved to your new URL.

Just like Automatic 301s, this is another innovative feature you’ll only find in Good Gallery.