Hide from Search

Using simple settings, you can let search engines know that single image pages, entire galleries, or other any website page shouldn’t be indexed. When these features are activated, instructions are provided in the HTML to let search engines know that your content shouldn’t be indexed.

Intelligently Hidden

In Good Gallery, every page in every gallery is treated as a separate page. This feature allows you to optimize every image for highly targeted search terms by associating headings, textual content, photos, and even video with individual images.

If you haven’t had time to assign content to some photos and you’re worried about thin content, Good Gallery can be configured to notify search engines that incomplete photo pages shouldn’t be indexed. This means that if titles and content aren’t present for an image, search engines are instructed to ignore those photos. Additionally, those excluded photos aren’t included in the sitemap file.

When you finally get a chance to associate content with those images, then those photo pages automatically become available for search engine indexing.

And even though those photo pages won’t be indexed, your visitors will still see be able to view your photography.

This feature was added to appease folks who were worried about thin content—although our data shows that search engines don’t view image pages without text negatively. But it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Before You Go Live

When you’re developing your new website under your temporary URL (example.goodgallery.com), your content is automatically hidden to prevent search engines from prematurely indexing your content.