Mobile First

The phrase mobile-first refers to both user experience in general and Google’s latest ranking strategy.

When mobile-first is referenced in relation to user experience, it typically means that designers prioritize a visitor’s mobile experience over their desktop experience.

More recently, Google uses the term mobile-first to refer to their shift of using mobile websites and mobile content instead of desktop content as the basis for determining ranking in search engine results.

Mobile Experience

Since 2011, Good Gallery has focused on providing the incredible mobile experiences.

We’ve always known that as more visitors use mobile websites to interact with photographers and their websites, the quality of information presentation would be key. With that in mind, our websites have always been mobile friendly.

In 2015, Google announced their initiative to reward sites that were mobile friendly with improved search result positions. Facing Mobilegeddon, many photographers raced to fix their websites. But photographers using Good Gallery were already ready. We didn’t need to change our mobile websites to meet the stringent Google guidelines.

Our commitment to a mobile-first user experience is the same today.

Google Results

In 2016, Google announced their new “mobile-first” indexing strategy. In addition to expanding their mobile friendly test, they are also using the content from the mobile version of websites to determine rankings. Previously, ranking was based on the content found on the desktop versions of websites.

As before, Good Gallery websites are already ready to meet this new ranking hurdle. Our ability to predict these changes isn’t special. It’s simply our desire to make sure our visitors have the best possible experience on all devices.

With our design strategy in place, it’s not surprising that when Google announces new initiatives, our photographer clients are already ready for anything.