Building Friendly Websites

Although search engines are supposed to understand your website content, website design requirements can sometimes outpace search engine capabilities. Or worse yet, some themes and website builders ignore search engine limitations.

Old Technology

Search engines often use old technology to gather information for their index. Unfortunately, that older technology may not consider modern design techniques.

For example, Googlebot uses Chrome 41 (launched March 2015) to index website content. And lots of things have changed in website design. In fact, content in many modern designs can’t be indexed by Googlebot.

At Good Gallery, our engineers are familiar with the limitations of indexing technologies. So before we add the latest, niftiest design element, we first determine if that element is going to be recognized by indexing technologies or worse, block indexing technologies.

You’d probably be surprised to learn of the many website builders and theme designs that are working against your search engine optimization efforts.