SEO Reports

Good Gallery reports on hundreds of details that can help you optimize your SEO efforts and improve your rankings.

Link Issues

Both internal and external links can affect your SEO. Our reports provide information about internal links totals, external link totals, nofollow internal links, total nofollow links, links pointing to 301 redirects, links that point to pages not found, and other details.

This information helps you quickly correct issues you might have otherwise miss.

Orphan Tracking

Pages are considered orphans when no internal links point to those pages. Although orphan pages are sometimes configured this way intentionally, in many cases these orphans accidental.

Since search engines seldom rank content found on orphan pages, you can use this information to change your internal link structure to support these pages.

Unique Words

Our reports provide you with a count of the number of unique words you use in your content. Diverse content is one way to ensure the information you’re sharing with search engines is unique. Therefore, the breadth of your content vocabulary can become a prime indicator as to your diversity of content.

Title & Descriptions

Reporting options for titles include total word count, word count for titles, pages missing titles, pages with duplicate titles, titles over 55 characters, and titles under 10 characters. Similar information is also provided for meta descriptions.

This information is all vital to website owners who are interested in addressing some of the most important search engine ranking signals.

Missing Headings

Headings often contain important keywords and keyword phrases in SEO optimized content. With that in mind, our reporting tools provide information about missing headings, missing subheadings, and duplicate headings and subheadings.

Unoptimized Photos

Our SEO reporting information for photos includes information about the total number of photos available, photos that are actively displayed, photos that aren’t displayed anywhere, photos without titles, photos without associated content, and word counts associated with photo content.

Recommended Lengths

Most data entry tools in Good Gallery provide minimum and maximum recommendations for content length. Our reports take that one step further and inform you if you’ve gone over or under and then points you directly to the locations where you need to fix them.

Word Counts

Providing you with a metric by which you can judge your progress is one way our word count reporting keeps you on track. You can monitor your progress in content optimization by page type (images, text, galleries) or view your overall progress.


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Unused Photos

Sometimes you may upload photos that never get used. Other times, you may upload photos that you though you had included in a gallery, but they weren’t. Our reports help you find those unused photos and either remove them or put them in the right place.