We Speak the Truth

Most photographers are working on SEO. Very few photographers are doing it well. And fewer still understand the nuances of what they’re supposed to be doing. There are no magical auto seo or seo wizards out there that will put you on the first page of search results for competitive keywords.

Photographer Analogies

Have you ever heard “spray and pray” advice given to beginner photographers? Or have you read that beginner photographers should set their cameras to program mode instead of aperture mode, or priority mode, or manual mode?

Sometimes those spray and pray photographers get lucky and capture an amazing photo. And sometimes beginner photographers using program mode create amazing images too. But those are exceptions and not the rule.

These are perfect analogies to SEO. If you content strategy is spray and pray or if you’re depending on tools that claim to offer auto SEO, then your chances of being featured in the top 10 search results for competitive keywords are not good.

What We Provide

Although there are no automatic tools out there destined to provide you with a perfectly easy path to SEO goodness, Good Gallery does provide you with a host of powerful features that make the SEO strategies and best practices you employ more effective and faster to implement. And we have more of those features than any other website builder.