URL Info

Website URLs refer to the path to pages or images on your website. The text that appears in those URL paths is used by search engines as a SEO ranking factor.

Title Matching

When you add a title to a photo or a page, we automatically create an SEO-friendly URL that matches your content. If you’ve used keywords in your title, that means those keywords will automatically appear in your URL.

This means that the tedious task of sculpting your URLs is made easy.

Stop Words

Common words that search engines don’t always index are called stop words. When you include stop words in your title, then those words aren’t included in your dynamically generated URL.

This feature helps keep your URL short and concise. It also means that you don’t need to remove stop words manually.

Custom URLs

You can modify dynamically generated URLs manually on any page or image. This means you can create custom URLs as required, and that you’re not forced to accept any URL that might have been generated automatically.