Are your servers secure?

Secure Servers Our servers are protected by multiple layers of networking firewalls and third-party application firewalls. We also perform frequent software updates and patches to ensure optimal server security. Access to our servers also requires multi-factor authentication from designated IP addresses to further prevent any unauthorized access. We also use custom monitoring tools and alarms [...]

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Are your servers fast?

Screaming Fast Servers Good Gallery contracts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) providing you with access to the best cloud-based website hosting platform. AWS offers various levels of availability and different server configurations based on the budgets of their customers. Good Gallery uses R3 instances—the latest generation of Amazon EC2 memory-optimized servers. One of the things [...]

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Where are your servers located?

Amazon Web Services Good Gallery servers are provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). With their networked services, your Good Gallery website is on servers located around the world. Cloud-Based AWS is a cloud-based platform that offers the best computing power, storage, and content delivery available anywhere. We chose this platform because of our ability to [...]

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What if your servers fail?

Reliable & Distributed Our server hardware is incredibly reliable and distributed. But we perform backups to guard against the possibility of catastrophic server failures or malicious attacks. Backups Good Gallery websites and WordPress websites hosted on our servers are backed up hourly and those copies are stored for 3 days. Daily backups are also created, [...]

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Can I stop paying my current website host when I switch?

Other Hosting Payments Once your website is live on Good Gallery, you won’t need to pay your current website host for hosting services. However, you should continue paying domain name renewal fees and any fees related to your email hosting.

Can I stop paying my current website host when I switch?2018-07-12T16:09:45-07:00

Can I host Good Gallery on my own server?

Managed Servers Good Gallery is hosted on internationally distributed, professionally managed servers allowing our software to operate effectively and with superior reliability and performance. These complex and interconnected servers are uniquely configured and optimized to work together. Since that those optimizations aren't possible on servers offered by traditional hosting providers, Good Gallery software can only be hosted on our servers. Benefits [...]

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Is 10GB enough storage?

Plenty of Storage If you're like most photographers, you won't need much space for your Good Gallery website. Storage needs for most portfolio websites are typically limited. As an example, you’re able to host more than 450 full-size photos on your Good Gallery website without reaching your hosting limit. Making Space In order to gain [...]

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Do you host email?

Use Your Previous Provider We don’t offer email hosting. When you switch to Good Gallery, you’ll continue to use the email service you’ve used previously. Want to Switch? If you’re looking to switch email providers, we recommend G Suite by Google Cloud. With G Suite by Google Cloud, you can connect your domain to Gmail [...]

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Can you help me move my domain?

Self Service The domain associated with your website is purchased and managed through a domain hosting service provided by companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, 1to1, or Network Solutions. Those companies offer you the ability to manage your own domain settings using their tools.\ Go Live Once your new website is complete and you're ready to go [...]

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Do you support international customers?

Worldwide Hosting Many of our customers are based in Asia, Europe, and South America. Good Gallery websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), an expanding global infrastructure designed to help our customers achieve incredible speeds in all areas around the world. Sever Locations Our national and international server locations include: North America: Ashburn, VA [...]

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