Do your sites prevent tabnabbing?

Tabnabbing Tabnabbing is a security attack that uses impersonation to gain important login details. This is accomplished by loading a fake page on an open browser tab. To help prevent this issue for your visitors, all external links on your website use special “noopener noreferrer” code that prevents this kind of attack.

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How do you prevent brute force attacks?

Brute Force Attacks A brute force attack is a trial and error method used by hackers to guess login credentials. Good Gallery protects you against this kind of attack by limiting the number of login attempts. If a series of unsuccessful login attempts, your account administrative account is temporarily locked to prevent further attempts. This [...]

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Have you ever been hacked?

Stay Secure Keeping your website, your photos, and your content secure is our #1 priority. If you’ve ever been hacked, you know how that feels. It sucks. Never Hacked Websites on the Good Gallery platform have never been hacked. We use technologies that are inherently more secure than other content management systems like WordPress. Not [...]

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Are your servers secure?

Secure Servers Our servers are protected by multiple layers of networking firewalls and third-party application firewalls. We also perform frequent software updates and patches to ensure optimal server security. Access to our servers also requires multi-factor authentication from designated IP addresses to further prevent any unauthorized access. We also use custom monitoring tools and alarms [...]

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How do you fight evil robots?

Slowing Down Screen Scrapers Some companies use screen scrapers to your website content. They then use that stolen content on their own websites. Many of those companies harvest your data from cached previews stored by Google. We disable Google’s cached previews to help prevent unethical companies from stealing your content.

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Will you share my information with other companies?

Protecting Your Privacy We’ll never share or sell your data with anyone else. Ever. Period. The End. We don’t like it when other companies do that to us and we won’t do it to you.

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Can I hide pages on my website?

Page Visibility Every page can be assigned one of several visibility options. You can choose to have a page visible to everyone, visible only to visitors who have been given an exact URL, or invisible and unavailable to everyone.

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Do your sites support HSTS?

HSTS HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is a mechanism that helps protect your website from man-in-the-middle attacks including protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking. This is accomplished through a response header that browsers receive when accessing your website. Preventing Insecure Communications In addition to supporting HTTPS, we also include HSTS support. With this technology, browsers [...]

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Do your sites support SSL?

SSL / HTTPS SSL certificates ensure that all visitor traffic is authenticated and encrypted. This level of security is confirmed by the lock icon and a “Secure” browser notification displayed for visitors next to your URL. Free Certificates Our free SSL certificates are installed automatically as soon as your website goes live on your official [...]

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