Web Pages Are Getting Bigger

In 2011, most web pages were smaller than 1MB. In 2016, the average size grew to 2.2MB. And in 2018, the average size was 3MB.

With the availability of greater bandwidth across all devices, websites around the world have taken advantage of those improved speeds by adding more content to their sites.

We Believe in Skinny Websites

We have fought against the trend of creating heavier websites. In fact, we’ve gone in the other way. Even as visitors have more bandwidth available , our websites continue grow smaller as we constantly optimize our platform.

We work continuously to reduce the amount of bandwidth we need to deliver our websites. Because faster websites are better.

Bloated Themes

One of the things we’ve noticed is that WordPress themes continue to add features and tools without regard for how those additions impact the performance of websites—particularly those themes that are most popular with photographers.

Development and feature priorities drive this inexorable movement toward website bloat. But since our priority is speed, we find ways to deliver incredible features with minimal impacts on website performance.

Full Disclosure

Although we believe in skinny websites, we don’t have skinny employees.