Ethical Design

At Good Gallery, we’re committed to ethical design decisions.

We fervently believe that it’s our responsibility to think carefully about how design choices and technical approaches will impact photographers who use Good Gallery.

The decisions we make may sometimes seem insignificant. But we know that every choice can potentially impact your bottom line to a huge degree. And money matters.

With have more experience developing photographer websites than any other website builder. And we harness that knowledge to make your websites work better and consequently help you make more money.

Popular Trends

We don’t design websites based on popular trends. Nor do we blindly follow the latest design movements based on advice offered in speculative self-help books or marketing blogs. Some of those approaches can lead you down the wrong road. And because marketing is a long-term investment, by the time you discover your mistake, you’ve lost money and—more importantly—time.

Instead, we base our designs and features on real-world testing, visitor observation, and practical common sense. In other words, safe and verified methods are held above trendy and unproven marketing that’s based on theoretical psychology.

However, we don’t want to stifle our own creativity with authoritarian moralism. With that in mind, when we develop a new idea that could potentially impact traffic, user experience, or SEO, we first test those features on a small group of high-performing photographer websites. We then monitor user behavior and search engines to determine if our proposed improvements provide a positive, negative, or neutral impact.

Once we’re sure that the result is neutral or positive, and when we’re sure that it’s a definite best practice, then we roll those features out to you. This approach helps keep your brand safe as you navigate the complicated field of online marketing.