Do you have a web design code of ethics?

Ethical Design At Good Gallery, we’re committed to ethical design decisions. We fervently believe that it’s our responsibility to think carefully about how design choices and technical approaches will impact photographers who use Good Gallery. The decisions we make may sometimes seem insignificant. But we know that every choice can potentially impact your bottom line [...]

Do you have a web design code of ethics?2018-09-19T09:00:03-07:00

How do you handle support?

Support We provide technical information about Good Gallery via our personable support agents. And if our CEO isn’t busy, he’ll answer support emails too. He likes to keep his finger on the pulse of our company. When you contact us, you’ll work with a real person based in the USA who is highly knowledgeable about [...]

How do you handle support?2020-08-23T15:05:53-07:00

How do your websites work with my branding?

Branding You can use our tools to help infuse your Good Gallery website with own personality in both design and content. Our sites also help you maintain consistency across pages and galleries, from desktop to mobile. Logos Our designs are optimized to help keep your logo in the visible forefront for visitors. And to make [...]

How do your websites work with my branding?2018-08-20T18:20:20-07:00

Can I assign Facebook preview images?

Facebook Previews With Good Gallery, you can control the preview image that appears when visitors share pages on Facebook. Either let Facebook choose an image from each page automatically or define the image you want to appear when your URL is shared. Just choose your preferred photo or illustration from any image folder.

Can I assign Facebook preview images?2018-08-20T18:07:15-07:00

Do you support Facebook pixels?

Facebook Ads A Facebook pixel is the code Facebook uses to help you optimize ads, track conversions, build audiences, and remarket to previous visitors. Adding Facebook Pixels After creating your pixel using Facebook’s tools, you’ll just add the information they provide using Good Gallery’s HEAD Info setting. Then you can include the event code on [...]

Do you support Facebook pixels?2018-08-20T18:03:14-07:00

Can I easily change typography?

Typography With our easy-to-use settings, it’s a breeze to change your website text. You can manage your headings, body text, and menus centrally using Good Gallery settings, or you can change those characteristics on a page-by-page basis using the WYSIWYG text editor tools. And we have an incredible list of available typefaces.

Can I easily change typography?2018-08-24T10:44:14-07:00

Can I create copies of pages?

Content Templates You can instantly create a copy of any text page with a single click of your mouse. This helpful duplicate page feature allows you to create content templates that you can reuse again and again. Or you can also use it to create alternative page designs and then choose the one you like [...]

Can I create copies of pages?2018-08-24T10:42:28-07:00

Do you support landing pages?

Landing Pages Landing pages market to visitors who have been targeted by online advertising. These pages are designed to convert visitors by having them perform a specific action. Fewer Links One of the tenants of landing pages is that visitors should only be presented with the conversion offer and that all other links and distractions [...]

Do you support landing pages?2018-08-20T18:10:06-07:00

Can I add background images to my website?

Custom Backgrounds You can upload any image or graphic and assign it as your website background. From that point, you can choose to fill the background or tile the background with your image. Pattern Library If you don’t have an image you’d prefer, but you still want a graphical background, Good Gallery offers more than [...]

Can I add background images to my website?2018-08-20T20:02:03-07:00

How do I manage my website color scheme?

Color Customization There are more than 100 color settings you can customize. Or you can choose a few defaults and let Good Gallery do the rest. Picker Tool Good Gallery provides color choices from a named list of over 140 web-safe colors. Alternatively, you can choose a custom color. After selecting the custom color option, [...]

How do I manage my website color scheme?2018-08-24T10:27:07-07:00
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