Contact Info

Your contact details are arguably the most important pieces of information on your website. Without them, visitors won’t know how to get in touch with you. With Good Gallery, we make it easy for visitors to find that information.


Using our simple tools, you can add your email address and phone number to your website menu. This prominent placement of your most-important information helps improve your conversions.

To help prevent harvesting robots from collecting your email address, we’ll obfuscate your address so that visitors can see your address and click on it to send you email, but unsophisticated robots are prevented from adding your information to their spam database.


We provide you with several options to add your contact information to footer areas of your website.

If visitors are on one of your pages, they’re far more likely to scroll to your page footer instead of clicking on your contact page when they’re looking for your phone number or email address.

Contact Page

Every website should include a dedicated contact page. And we make it easy for you to create an attractive and easy-to-use page that shares your information.

Your new Good Gallery website includes attractive icons and sample information you can use to provide your essential contact details.