Do you support scrolling or sticky menus?

Menu Features Scrolling menus refer to navigation elements that disappear as you scroll down a page. Sticky menus refer to navigation that is always visible. Good Gallery supports both scrolling and sticky menus. Fixed navigation makes browsing websites easier because content is only one click away without any scrolling. Some studies have shown that a [...]

Do you support scrolling or sticky menus?2018-08-20T17:54:18-07:00

How do you handle paginated content?

Paginated Content Gallery photos are treated as paginated content. Visitors can navigate between photos using standard gallery arrows or by using next and previous text links in the image info area. Previous & Next By providing previous and next links inside image info areas, Good Gallery helps search engines understand your portfolio. These links share [...]

How do you handle paginated content?2018-08-20T18:08:13-07:00

Do your sites support hamburger menus?

Hamburger Menus The hamburger refers to an icon used to represent a website menu. The icon consists of three short horizontal lines stacked vertically.  This minimal navigation also sometimes called a hotdog menu or a three-line menu. This menu takes up less screen space than traditional devices and has, therefore, become a popular navigation element [...]

Do your sites support hamburger menus?2018-08-24T10:34:59-07:00

Are breadcrumbs supported?

Breadcrumbs For websites, breadcrumbs refer to a hierarchal secondary menu that shows your position on a website. This alternative menu system helps visitors navigate your site. Breadcrumbs also help search engines understand your content. Automatic Feature The breadcrumbs feature is enabled by default. When enabled, the alternative menu is displayed at the top of all [...]

Are breadcrumbs supported?2018-08-24T10:34:07-07:00

What photo tools are available for visitors?

Control Bar Our control bar tools displayed alongside every photo provide visitors with many options to manage their viewing experience. Visitor tools allow for social media sharing, displaying groups of photos as thumbnails, activating the zoom feature, starting and stopping slideshows, and viewing detailed information about photos and galleries. To customize these options, you can [...]

What photo tools are available for visitors?2018-08-20T17:46:37-07:00

Can you help me manage my contact info?

Contact Info Your contact details are arguably the most important pieces of information on your website. Without them, visitors won’t know how to get in touch with you. With Good Gallery, we make it easy for visitors to find that information. Menus Using our simple tools, you can add your email address and phone number [...]

Can you help me manage my contact info?2018-08-24T10:32:24-07:00

Can I add social media icons?

Social Networks In Good Gallery, social networks refer to external websites and applications that visitors use to communicate by posting comments, information, messages, and photos. Menu Options With just a few mouse clicks, you can add social media icons to menus. Choose from 500px, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, or [...]

Can I add social media icons?2018-08-20T18:08:42-07:00

Are your sites optimized for touch screens?

Touch Optimized Our mobile menus and gallery navigation are highly optimized for touch gestures. With a focus on creating a natural and unobtrusive user experience, mobile visitors will find movement through your website quick and easy. Swiping We use large tap targets to help ensure a positive touch-based user experience. We also employ four-directional swiping [...]

Are your sites optimized for touch screens?2018-08-20T17:43:50-07:00

Can I link to other websites?

External Links Good Gallery supports the ability to link to external websites, either through the menu on your website or from hyperlinks on individual pages. Common Examples Many of our photographer customers link to proofing sites like ShootProof, Pixiset, Zenfolio, or SmugMug directly from their website menus.

Can I link to other websites?2018-07-12T16:42:26-07:00
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