Our Design Philosophy

We believe that clients who hire photographers want to view photographs first. They probably don’t want to read about how you got your start or how much you love photography or how you’ll provide them with an amazing experience.

Visitors come to your website because they want to know if you can create photographs that will meet their needs. Most Good Gallery customers present their photography at the forefront because that’s what most first-time visitors will want to see first.

On our list of example websites, you’ll see that most sites feature a single photo, a grid of photographs, or several thumbnail photos linking to separate galleries. That’s because those 3 options meet the needs of most first-time visitors.

Alternative Approach

Some photographers are adopting a different approach to selling their services. This new tactic is based on the idea of providing an unparalleled experience to clients.

In this approach, how the photography makes clients feel is given the highest priority. This experiential approach is often coupled with in-person sales (IPS).

Under this sales philosophy, photographers are selling an experience and emotional connection—and the photographs themselves take a back seat to those considerations.

Good Gallery photographers who choose this sales approach may adopt website designs that feature fewer photos and more text, videos, calls to action, and tools like chat to move visitors toward active, in-person engagement more quickly.

You can take this approach in Good Gallery by adding content above or below galleries using our easy-to-use text editor. You can also create informational pages based on our standard text pages or by using tools available on Visual Navigation pages. And of course, you can add third-party embedded tools designed to connect you directly to your visitors.

Using these various options, you can create a balanced mix of text and images focused on experiential sales with highly targeted calls to action. In other words, if you want your website to work this way, you can have it that way.

You Decide

In the end, we want you to decide on what works best for you and your business. But we challenge you to think about what you would want to see on a website if you were a potential client and you were hiring a photographer.

Although your personal preferences may not always match your visitor’s preferences, you’re certainly qualified to think about how your opinions and your visitor’s opinions might be connected.