Your domain registrar is the company that manages your domain name settings. Some website builders offer domain registrar services and host your website. We’re not that kind of company.

We believe that domains should be managed by a company other than your website host. For that reason, Good Gallery recommends that you register your domain with companies like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, and Bluehost and keep your domain name registration separate from your website host.

Domain Isolation

One reason to keep your domain separate is that if you ever have issues with your website host, and if your domain is managed by that same company, then moving your domain can be time consuming and add technical difficulties to your move.

As an example, we’re aware of one website builder that has registered their client domains under their own name. In other words, the client domains actually belong to the website builder. Although that company’s evil practice is an edge case, it’s an example of how bad things can happen to good people.

Regardless of the potential risk with keeping those eggs in the same basket, maintaining domains and websites separately means that your overall website security is improved in case either of your accounts are compromised.