Summarized Photo Info

When you add a photo or illustration to page or image content, captions are supported on those images. Typically, these short text elements of a few words used to describe an image in text areas.

This caption text is often used by search engines to help them determine the relevancy of an image thus affecting your SEO. Our text editor tools make adding this caption content easy and helps it remain consistent with the rest of your keyword strategy.

Detailed Photo Info

In Good Gallery, image info refers to detailed information associated with individual gallery images. That information can include text, images, video, location data, and even exif details.

Both visitors and search engines can view this information. Visitors access these details by clicking on the Image Info button on the control bar. Search engines consume that content just as they discover content naturally on text pages or blog posts.

And if you add informative, detailed, and compelling information that describes your photos, you’ll encourage search engines to display the pages associated with those images in search results.