Our what you see is what you get JavaScript text editor is renowned for its ease of use and clean design. It works the same on all modern browsers and devices.

The intuitive interface is natural to use and fast to operate. Taking advantage of HTML 5 and CSS 3, it’s optimized for rich content.

Live Preview

When you’re using the text editor, you can instantly see how your changes are affecting your website content.

Code View

If you like to look under the hood, you can use the HTML view to access the source code on any page. You can also use this feature to embed your own HTML or JavaScript.

General Formatting

Just like any text editor, you have access to all of the typical content formatting tools like bold, italics, underlines, strikeouts, lists, tables, and so much more.

Table Formatting

If you like to use tables on your website, you can use the WYSIWYG text editor to manage table headers, columns, rows, splits, cell alignment, and more.


Although we recommend that you manage your typographic content using Good Gallery settings, you can override any sitewide font characteristics and select unique colors and sizes using easy-to-manage tools in the text editor.