Photo Theft

It’s impossible to prevent image theft online. But we’ve added lots of features to discourage the practice and make it much more difficult for people who want to infringe on your copyright.

Hidden Watermarks

When you upload photos to Good Gallery, your logo is automatically applied to an area below the bottom edge of each image. Although your logo is present on every photograph, that area of each image is programmatically hidden from viewers who browse your website.

However, since your logo is attached to that photo, when the image is shared apps, search engines, and social media or if the original file path is accessed by the visitor, your logo is present on the photo.

If the visitor then removes your logo from the image, they may be liable for increased statutory damages than they would if they had downloaded a photo that wasn’t similarly watermarked.

Visible Watermarks

Since the hidden watermarks aren’t visible when copyright infringers use screen captures, you can include a text watermark on every image that features your studio name or other information like your domain name or contact info.

This text information is displayed discretely in the corner of each image and allows for formatting customizations based on your brand and your presentation preferences.

Brand Protection

Indexed images in search engines results include the entire photo from the original file. With the Hidden Watermark feature, that means your logo will be visible on the images presented in search results.

This feature helps discourage potential copyright infringers from copying photos directly from image search results and then using those photos without permission or attribution.

Image Search

When you’re logged into your Good Gallery administrative tools, we you view one of your photos on your website, you can click the camera icon to see all other appearances of that photo on the Internet.

This feature allows you to more easily and conveniently track down people who may have infringed on your copyright.

Pinterest Watermarks

When photos are pinned from your Good Gallery website, your logo is automatically attached and visible on that visitors Pinterest board (or your board).

This means that when your photos are repinned, your brand stays attached to that photo even if the source text and links are removed.

Right Click Protection

The ability to right click and download photos is automatically disabled discouraging easy downloads. However, if we do offer an option to enable right click downloads if desired.

Drag Protection

On many sites, visitors can select an image and drag it directly from their browser to their desktop. This kind of functionality is disabled in Good Gallery.