Can visitors use zoom for a closer view?

Zoom Capable The Zoom tools display an enlarged view of the selected image. Available on both desktop and mobile browsers, this control bar feature allows visitors to closely examine photo details. Good Gallery is the only website builder that offers a zoom feature for desktop browsers. When visitors view a photo and then click the [...]

Can visitors use zoom for a closer view?2018-08-24T10:15:26-07:00

Do you have a Pinterest-style display?

Card Style Gallery We offer an optional Pinterest-style display that shows photo thumbnails alongside descriptive text. This text-driven grid of thumbnails is a popular way to display short descriptive text alongside a broad presentation of photos.

Do you have a Pinterest-style display?2018-08-24T10:13:45-07:00

What do visitors see when they visit galleries?

Define Your Gallery Behavior When visitors access a gallery, you can choose to present a grid of photos or you can highlight individual photos. If you’re displaying a grid of photos, there are hundreds of ways you can display those thumbnail photos by controlling the aspect ratio, thumbnail shapes, borders, shadows, padding, size, and columns. [...]

What do visitors see when they visit galleries?2018-08-24T10:13:11-07:00

How many ways can I display thumbnail galleries?

Thumbnails Thumbnails refer to small photographs commonly displayed in a grid format that help visitors to quickly review groups of photos. In Good Gallery, clicking on a thumbnail will display a large-sized version of that photo. Gallery Options Galore There are literally hundreds of ways you can display thumbnail photos in galleries—millions of ways if [...]

How many ways can I display thumbnail galleries?2018-08-24T09:57:48-07:00

How are photo filenames managed?

Renamed Files Your original image filenames aren't visible to visitors or search engines. When photos are uploaded, we generate new public filenames for every image. Those new filenames are shown as a string of random numbers and letters (i.e. 4qnvkdz3x2r). This feature ensures that any file naming methods you use internally aren’t ever visible publicly. [...]

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Can I automatically sort gallery photos?

Sorting Photos Automatically When you upload gallery photos, they’re sorted by upload date in descending order. However, you can choose any sort order for any gallery. Sort Options Options include sorting by date added, date modified, date taken, date uploaded, description, file size, filename, image size, and title in ascending or descending order. If you [...]

Can I automatically sort gallery photos?2018-08-24T10:06:48-07:00

Can I manually change the photo order in galleries?

Drag-and-Drop Sorting You can drag-and-drop photos to any location. Simply click on the photo to select it, and then move your mouse cursor to the desired destination in a gallery. You can also use CTRL + Click or SHIFT + Click to select contiguous or isolated groups of photos and move them to any location [...]

Can I manually change the photo order in galleries?2018-08-24T10:06:05-07:00

Can my photos fill the entire screen?

Full Screen Photos With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can enable a feature where your images fill the entire browser viewport. Dynamic Cropping Viewport dimensions are different for every visitor. If you want full-screen photos, but you don’t want some areas of your image hidden beyond the page margins, you can use [...]

Can my photos fill the entire screen?2018-07-30T14:16:01-07:00

Can I decide what to show on square thumbnails?

Square Cropping Many photographers love our square thumbnail galleries. If you'd like to display thumbnails with a 1:1 aspect ratio (squares), then you can use our Square Crop tool to define the area of your photo that you want to display within those square thumbnails. In other words, you’ll use the handles of a familiar [...]

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Can I display slideshows?

Gallery Slideshows Slideshows refer to photographs in a series that advance automatically. Using a single setting, you can enable gallery slideshows. You can also control the cadence of the slideshow by defining the frame delay. Visitor Controls If you’ve enabled slideshows for every gallery, visitors can interrupt the slideshow by clicking on any of the [...]

Can I display slideshows?2018-08-24T09:54:05-07:00
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