Full Screen Photos

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can enable a feature where your images fill the entire browser viewport.

Dynamic Cropping

Viewport dimensions are different for every visitor. If you want full-screen photos, but you don’t want some areas of your image hidden beyond the page margins, you can use our Safe Area Tool to define image areas that should never be cropped when displayed in galleries.

Safe Area Tool

Good Gallery was the first website builder to allow you to define the most important areas of your images—areas that should not ever be hidden regardless of the browser dimensions.

Every visitor to your website will be using a different device with different screen resolutions and browser viewport sizes.

Using the Safe Area Tool means that your website dynamically determines the optimal way to crop your images so that image fills the entire viewable image area without hiding important information.

This feature lets you present full-bleed photos to visitors—meaning that the edges of each image expand to all sides of the viewing area.

Although full-bleed image functionality can be handled automatically, important areas of the image might be inadvertently hidden as the image is automatically cropped to fill the entire screen. That’s where the Safe Area Tool really shines.