Menu Features

Scrolling menus refer to navigation elements that disappear as you scroll down a page. Sticky menus refer to navigation that is always visible.

Good Gallery supports both scrolling and sticky menus.

Fixed navigation makes browsing websites easier because content is only one click away without any scrolling. Some studies have shown that a sticky menu can reduce browsing time by more than 20%. Also, since your logo is connected to your menu, your brand is always present.

However, sticky menus will always consume a relatively large area of important screen real estate. So, if you want to allow visitors to see more of your content, a scrolling menu might provide you with a good alternative.

Scrolling menus often work best for sites with horizontal menus located at the top of the page—especially when the logo is positioned above the menu option text. Reducing that vertical space by scrolling the menu away can help you regain screen real estate.