Thumbnails refer to small photographs commonly displayed in a grid format that help visitors to quickly review groups of photos. In Good Gallery, clicking on a thumbnail will display a large-sized version of that photo.

Gallery Options Galore

There are literally hundreds of ways you can display thumbnail photos in galleries—millions of ways if you include the minor settings we make available.

Just a few of the things you can control include the aspect ratio, thumbnail shapes, borders, shadows, padding, size, and columns.

Grid Layouts

Using our simple administrative settings, you can change photo thumbnail grids to display one column, or three columns, or twenty columns, or anything in between.

You can choose to display photos in their original aspect ratio or in more than a dozen other fixed aspect ratios.

You can also choose the size of your thumbnail images or even the amount of padding to display between images or surrounding all the images.

The customization opportunities are virtually limitless!