Free WordPress Hosting

If you’d like your WordPress blog to run alongside your Good Gallery website, we offer free WordPress hosting on our servers. This service is included with your Good Gallery hosting fee.


WordPress is the most popular and portable blogging system in the world. This means that you won’t be tied to a proprietary system if you ever move your blog to other servers.


With just a few easy clicks, you can install WordPress at any time. If this is your first blog, after you initiate your installation, you can start creating new posts right away. You can install themes and plugins as well as create your own personalized pages and posts.


If you already have a blog, you can move your content from your current location and host it on our servers alongside your Good Gallery website.


We’ll provide you with a robust server hosting environment where you can reliably host your WordPress blog. And our engineering team constantly monitors, tests, updates, and backs up our blog servers.


Your WordPress installation with Good Gallery is an unmanaged, self-service application. This means that our support doesn’t include assistance with WordPress organization, designs, themes, plugins, optimization, or configuration. However, this limitation of service is no different than support offered with similar hosting plans from companies like GoDaddy, Hostgator, and Bluehost.