How can I manage text content?

WYSIWYG Editor Our what you see is what you get JavaScript text editor is renowned for its ease of use and clean design. It works the same on all modern browsers and devices. The intuitive interface is natural to use and fast to operate. Taking advantage of HTML 5 and CSS 3, it’s optimized for [...]

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Can you help with WordPress settings, plugins, or themes?

WordPress Support Although we include WordPress hosting with your Good Gallery installation, we don’t offer blog support services beyond any issues associated with your hosting. In other words, if one of our servers is having problems, we’ll certainly address those issues. However, if you need help making changes to your WordPress blog, then you’ll probably [...]

Can you help with WordPress settings, plugins, or themes?2018-07-12T16:12:08-07:00

Do you allow WordPress blogs?

Free WordPress Hosting If you’d like your WordPress blog to run alongside your Good Gallery website, we offer free WordPress hosting on our servers. This service is included with your Good Gallery hosting fee. Non-Proprietary WordPress is the most popular and portable blogging system in the world. This means that you won’t be tied to [...]

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Can you help me move my Squarespace blog to WordPress?

Squarespace Migration You can move your Squarespace blog content to WordPress if desired. We include free WordPress hosting along with your paid Good Gallery hosting. And since WordPress isn't proprietary, you can move your blog content at any time and anywhere. Move Your Content If you have a blog running on Squarespace’s proprietary blogging system, [...]

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Can I move my WordPress blog to your servers?

Self Help One option is to use the import and export tools built into WordPress to move your content. Alternatively, you can use a backup and restore plugin freely available through Additional instructions related to migrating your own information are available in our User Manual.

Can I move my WordPress blog to your servers?2021-08-19T15:09:43-07:00

Do you offer WordPress themes?

Theme Support We include free installation and free hosting for your WordPress blog. However, you're responsible for selecting and managing your own themes. Our servers support modern themes including themes that are commonly popular with photographers. Simply choose the theme that works best for you and your brand. Recommended Themes If you're looking for a [...]

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Is Good Gallery a WordPress theme or a website builder?

Website Builder Good Gallery a website builder and content management system designed to showcase artist portfolios. It's not a WordPress theme. WordPress is a separate content management system designed for hosting recent news and frequently updated anecdotal content. WordPress Included Although Good Gallery isn't a WordPress theme, if you'd like to use a WordPress blog, we [...]

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