Incredible Value + Rapid Website Launch – Only $199

Good Gallery offers a Basic Configuration Service for time-strapped photographers and for folks who would rather spend time working on their art rather than spending time figuring out how to setup their website. To put it simply, if you select the Basic Configuration Service and after you provide us with a few required materials, we promise to configure standard settings and have your website ready to launch within 5 business days*! Please note that fees related to your Hosting Plan and Startup Fee still apply in addition to this service.

Preparing Your Content

If you select this service, please do not modify any content or settings included on your default website.  To begin your Basic Configuration Service, we’ll need the following materials:

Site Outline

Include a document named Site Outline that indicates the organizational hierarchy for your website. Click here to see sample Site Outlines of organizational hierarchies typical for photographer websites. Include every page and gallery in your site outline. If you would like one or more of your menu options to link to a different website, indicate the URL to that other website in your Site Outline next to the menu option name.


Your logo is the most important graphic on your website. In addition to appearing on every page of your site, it will also be applied to every uploaded image as a hidden watermark. That hidden watermark isn’t visible to visitors, but it is visible on Google Images, Pinterest, and a host of other areas across the Internet. Here are some logo recommendations.

  • For best results, your logo should be provided in a a vector format. Vector logos can be resized to any dimension without any loss of resolution or sharpness. Vector logos are typically created by graphic artists in programs like Adobe Illustrator and are most commonly saved as EPS files. Raster logos can lose sharpness when they’re resized. Raster logos are often created by business owners in programs like Adobe Photoshop and are most commonly saved as JPG files.
  • If a graphic artist created your logo, provide us with your logo in vector format. Common vector filename extensions include EPS or AI. Do not provide us with a SVG file. If you include an Adobe Illustrator file (AI), please ensure that the font associated with the file has been set to outline. If you no longer have access to your original vector files, request them from your graphic artist before continuing.
  • If you created your logo yourself, your logo can’t be easily converted to a vector format. Choose from one of these options:
    • provide a raster JPG logo with the following attributes: a) larger than 500px on the longest side, b) saved in the RGB color space, and c) no extra white space is around the logo. However, vector logos strongly recommended over this option.
    • we can convert your raster logo to a vector logo for $50 and provide you with those files for future use
    • you can hire someone else to convert your logo
    • you can convert the logo yourself
  • IMPORTANT: Saving a JPG or PSD file in EPS or SVG formats will not convert your raster file to a vector file. There are many more steps involved and it can be a very complicated process, depending on your logo characteristics.


The Basic Configuration Service includes the creation of up to 5 galleries containing up to 100 images in each gallery. If you require more than 100 images in a gallery or if you have more than 5 galleries, you can easily add more photos to any gallery after we have completed your Basic Configuration. For best results, we recommend that you include at least 20 images in each gallery although no minimum is required. Here are some additional considerations regarding the images you need to provide:

  • Provide full size image files, preferably sized larger than 3000px on the longest side.
  • Ensure that images are no larger than about 6MB. Good Gallery supports larger file sizes (up to 20GB), but we’re unable to upload those larger files as part of our Basic Configuration Service.
  • Do not ZIP images or folders.
  • Organize the images in folders using folder names that match your website galleries. Use subfolders when appropriate.
  • Indicate which gallery folder should be displayed on your home page in your text document. For example, you can have a gallery called Weddings and display the images in that gallery both on your home page and in the Weddings gallery. Just let us know and we’ll make that happen for you. Alternatively, if you want a different set of images on your home page, create a folder called “Home Page” and place all images that should appear on your home page in that directory.
  • Use the accompanying text document to indicate which image folder should be displayed on the home page. Otherwise, create a folder called “Home Page” that includes all of the images that you want to appear on the home page.
  • Original filenames are not publicly displayed. Unless the image Exif data includes image titles, default public filenames are displayed as a string of random letters.
  • If you’re using filenames to indicate sorting position, include leading zeros where applicable (e.g. wedding01.jpg, wedding02.jpg, … wedding09.jpg, wedding10.jpg)
  • Every image uploaded must have a different filename if they are different images. If necessary, prevent matching filenames by adding a folder name prefix to relevant images  (e.g. weddings-xxxxx.jpg).
  • If you would like the same images to appear in multiple galleries, then those images should all share the same filename. In other words, if you would like an image in your Weddings gallery to also appear in your Home Page gallery, then make sure that the image filename is the same in both folders. This prevents duplicate images in your folders. This also helps prevent future SEO issues when titles and captions are added to the images.

General Website Layout

Indicate the Sample Site that’s generally similar to the kind of website you’d like to have for yourself. Please note that some Samples (e.g. Rob Greer’s website) include advanced home page designs using our Visual Navigation tools Visual Navigation designs aren’t included as part of the Basic Configuration Service. However, you can certainly use the tools yourself to build a similar home page if you prefer–or we can build one for you as an additional customization fee.

Gallery Layout

Indicate if you want thumbnails or a single image initially displayed for each gallery page. Indicate if you want that setting applied to all galleries or if you want different settings applied to different galleries.

Thumbnail Aspect Ratio

Indicate the aspect ratio you prefer for thumbnails on desktop and mobile devices. Choose one of the following aspect ratios: original, 1:1 (square), 2:3, 3:4, 4:5, 9:16, 9:21, 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 21:9, 1.618:1, 1.85:1, 2.39:1, and 4:1. The aspect ratio you select will apply to all galleries on your website. However, you can indicate if you want different aspect ratios on desktop and mobile devices.

Text Pages

Here are the requirements for textual content you provide us for your website:

  • Create a single text document (e.g. Microsoft Word) called “Website Text” that includes all of the text for your website.
  • If you do not have access to Microsoft Word, please use a text editor that can create a Rich Text Format (RTF) file. Do not include text files with the .pages extension as our implementation team uses Windows workstations and are unable to open .pages files.
  • Do not include textual information within PDFs.
  • Separate the textual content for each website page using a Page Break.
  • If your text pages include links to other websites, use the hyperlink tool in your text editor to include that URL.
  • This service includes support for up to 10 text pages.
  • Don’t include images in your text documents. To indicate where an image should be inserted, include the full filename of the image in a bold font at the location where you would like the image inserted.
  • Inserting award badge code on pages isn’t included with this service. If you’d like to display a badge on a page, include the badge image in the files you provide and it will be inserted onto the page in the location indicated.
  • To include images on text pages, create a Text Pages folder under the main Images folder. In that folder, include the images required for each text page and use the following naming convention to indicate where you want the images placed: text-page-name.jpg (e.g. text-about-me.jpg, text-faq.jpg, text-contact.jpg).
  • When you would like multiple images posted as a group (i.e. in a grid format) on a page, then you should combine the multiple images into a single image in the editor of your choice and submit that grid as a single file.
  • Although you can include an unlimited number of images on any page, this service includes the insertion of up to 5 images per page.

Contact Info

For best SEO rankings for Google Local searches, we recommend that you include your full mailing address. For all social media addresses, provide the full URL including the http:// or https:// portion of the address.  Please provide us with all of your contact information (in this order):

Your Name

Studio Name

Street Address(es)

Phone Number(s)

Email Address

Facebook (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Twitter (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Pinterest (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Instagram (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Google Plus (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

YouTube Channel (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Vimeo Channel (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Yelp Page (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

WeddingWire Page (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Miscellaneous (FULL URL INCLUDING http or https)

Form (Optional)

If you would like a form included on your Contact page, provide a list of all fields desired including both the field name and whether or not the field is required in order for visitors to complete the form. Indicate if you want the form to appear above or below the contact info. If you want to use a ShootQ form, please provide us with the appropriate linking information per the instructions found in the ShootQ section of the Good Gallery User Manual. You’ll find the link to the User Manual in the welcome email you received when you signed up for Good Gallery.

Video (Optional)

We can include embedded videos on text pages or show your videos full screen. If you’d like us to embed your video on a page, include the URL to the video on the relevant text page in the desired position. If you’d like to show full screen videos, include the name of the video (preferably short and suitable for your menu) and the URL in your Site Outline.

Accent Color (Optional)

Indicate one brand color that you’d like us to incorporate into your design. Please provide the color in HEX format (e.g. #FFFFFF) only. The accent color is applied to the hover state of the menu / navigation, the control bar buttons, and several other areas of your site. If you’re not sure how to determine a hex color, review this external article that explains how to find that information using Photoshop.

Menu Font (Optional)

The default font is Verdana. You can view the extensive list of available fonts by using your welcome email to follow the link to your Administrator Tools, then hovering your mouse over the Tools menu, and then selecting the Available Fonts option.

Heading Font (Optional)

The default font is Verdana. You can view the extensive list of available fonts by using your welcome email to follow the link to your Administrator Tools, then hovering your mouse over the Tools menu, and then selecting the Available Fonts option.

Body Text Font (Optional)

The default font is Verdana. You can view the extensive list of available fonts by using your welcome email to follow the link to your Administrator Tools, then hovering your mouse over the Tools menu, and then selecting the Available Fonts option.

Delivering Your Content

Once you’ve prepared your content, please share that information with Good Gallery is via Dropbox. If you do not have a Dropbox subscription, you can sign up for a free account here.

  1. Gather all of the content items listed above. We will not begin work until ALL of the content is available. Once all needed content has been verified, work will commence. Once that work begun, additional content should not be added to the project folders unless specifically requested by a Good Gallery engineer.
  2. Create a Dropbox folder called Good Gallery – YOURNAME (e.g. “Good Gallery – John Doe Photography”) so that we can easily identify your information among the folders created by our other clients. You should include all website materials and folders inside the single Dropbox folder. Please do not ZIP (compress) any of the data you place in your Dropbox folders.
  3. Inside the YOUR NAME folder, create three subfolders labeled Logo, Text, and Images. If your website includes multiple image galleries, create subdirectories in the Images folder and name those folders to match your gallery names.  (e.g. Weddings, Portraits, Events, Engagements, etc.) Image folders do not need to be nested. They can all appear at the same level.
  4. Place all of your content in the appropriate folder.
  5. Share the Dropbox folder called YOUR NAME with Choose the option “Share This Folder …” and NOT “Share Link”

Once we receive these shared materials, our team will check to ensure that we have everything we need to build your site. Once we’ve checked those materials and ensure that everything is complete, we’ll send you an email to confirm receipt of the materials and to indicate that your project is in our development queue. Our development timeframe is dependent on receipt of all materials. Failure to receive all materials in the manner described may delay the configuration of your website.

Terms & Conditions

  • Once services related to the Basic Configuration Service have been rendered, fees related to this service are non-refundable.
  • Once you’ve been notified that the Basic Configuration Service is complete, additional content additions or website settings adjustments will be your responsibility.
  • We will not begin work until all content is received and any content issues are addressed.
  • Fonts not currently available in our system may not be available for up to 14 days.
  • Requests to create exact copies of other customer websites cannot be honored.
  • Material requirements and other information on this page are subject to change without notice.

Not Included

The following services are not included. This is a partial list and does not represent a full and complete accounting of omitted services. Although we offer these services separately, these services are not included in the Basic Configuration Service.

  • Blog Transfer
  • Logo Creation or Modification
  • SEO Work
  • Licensed Fonts
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom HTML
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Custom Text Page Formatting (e.g. complex pages including extensive use of tables)
  • Custom Graphics Work (e.g. combining images, changing graphical elements)
  • META Description Insertion
  • Advanced Designs (including Visual Navigation)
  • Support for Custom Code Provided by Third Parties
  • Customized Forms beyond Typical Contact Form
  • Image Selection, Editing, or Sorting
  • Defining SquareArea™ for Gallery Images
  • Domain Transfer / Registrar Management
  • 301 Redirect Creation / Configuration
  • Multiple Revision Requests
** services, descriptions, and pricing are subject to change without notice **