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Can I customize gallery navigation?

Amazing Arrows You can create a unique gallery navigation experience by changing how your arrows look and operate in photography portfolios. This means that visitors can interact with your photos in unique ways. Shapes + Shapes You can choose from more than 200 different arrow shapes for your galleries. You can also change arrow size [...]

Can I customize gallery navigation?2018-08-24T10:26:30-07:00

Are loading animations available?

Loading Animations Loaders, preloaders, and loading animations all refer to simple and entertaining animations displayed while photos are downloading from our servers. Even when loading animations are enabled, they’re rarely visible on our websites since our photos download very quickly. However, for any visitors with limited bandwidth, you can choose from more than thirty loading [...]

Are loading animations available?2018-08-20T20:02:33-07:00

How can I find the setting I need?

Organized Settings All our settings are organized under intuitively named categories. For example, all settings related to logos are found under the Logo heading. Likewise, all settings related to fonts, font colors, text spacing, and line spacing are found under the Typography heading. Search Settings With thousands of settings available, even though our settings well-organized, [...]

How can I find the setting I need?2018-08-24T10:25:35-07:00

Do I need to know code to customize my site?

No Coding Required You don’t need to know a single line of code to build and customize an amazing Good Gallery website. With our easy-to-use settings, you can change the look and behavior of your new website by clicking a few checkboxes or selecting options from simple dropdown fields. This means that even if you’ve [...]

Do I need to know code to customize my site?2018-08-24T10:25:04-07:00

What’s your design philosophy?

Our Design Philosophy We believe that clients who hire photographers want to view photographs first. They probably don’t want to read about how you got your start or how much you love photography or how you’ll provide them with an amazing experience. Visitors come to your website because they want to know if you can [...]

What’s your design philosophy?2018-08-03T13:47:02-07:00

Are your sites GDPR compliant?

GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents guidelines for the use of personal information for people in the European Union (EU). Cookie Warnings We provide JavaScript code that notifies website visitors that their information may be collected. This is likely a requirement for photographers who collect information about people in the European Union.

Are your sites GDPR compliant?2018-07-13T15:18:42-07:00

Will I need design help?

Everybody Needs Help Everybody who has ever designed a website could have probably used advice from someone. However, you won’t need to hire a special designer to help you with your Good Galley website. Save Thousands You might know another photographer who has spent thousands of dollars paying for someone to design their website. And [...]

Will I need design help?2018-08-21T16:22:35-07:00

Do you offer premium designs?

Exceptional Designs The word "premium" refers to something of exceptional quality or greater value than similar items. Synonyms include choice, prime, select, and exceptional. Rest assured that all our settings templates are “premium designs.” But we don’t charge more money for them. Other website builders charge an introductory fee and then an additional fee when you want [...]

Do you offer premium designs?2018-08-21T16:53:47-07:00

Are your sites websites affordable?

Affordable, But Not Cheap We’re not the least expensive, but we're one of the most affordable website builders when you examine all the features our platform offers. If you’re looking for ways to gain maximum value for your budget, we think you’ll discover that Good Gallery is the perfect choice. As John Ruskin once said, “It's [...]

Are your sites websites affordable?2018-08-21T16:59:48-07:00

Do you understand my needs?

Professional Photographers Our founder is a professional photographer. Our CIO is a professional photographer. Every member of our original programming team was a photographer or videographer. We Understand We understand the needs of working photographers. We’ve made millions of dollars as professional photographers and we know the marketing pain you feel week after week. Our [...]

Do you understand my needs?2018-08-22T07:51:56-07:00
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