How do you fight SEO myths?

Myth Busters Some plugins, themes, and website builders offer “features” that no longer offer you any SEO benefit. But we don’t believe in perpetuating SEO myths. We therefore don’t offer features that we know won’t help you with your website or SEO. Meta Keywords & Authorship For example, using the meta keywords tag was once [...]

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Are Good Gallery URLs optimized for SEO?

URL Info Website URLs refer to the path to pages or images on your website. The text that appears in those URL paths is used by search engines as a SEO ranking factor. Title Matching When you add a title to a photo or a page, we automatically create an SEO-friendly URL that matches your [...]

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Do you support meta descriptions?

Meta Descriptions The meta description tag provides search engines with text descriptions of pages. Those descriptions appear on search engine results pages. Keywords or information entered in the meta description aren’t used by search engines to determine your ranking position. However, your meta description text can significantly influence whether visitors will click on your link [...]

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Can you tag photos for SEO?

Keyword Feature Good Gallery offers an innovative feature allowing you to link related images and display them in custom gallery pages. These groups of images can be shared with clients directly via email using their unique URL or visitors can discover these collections of images naturally as they browse your website. Our website builder is [...]

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Do you provide sitemaps?

XML Sitemaps In early 2005, Google introduced the XML sitemap protocol. The XML sitemap is a link list that's used to help inform search engines about website structures. The XML portion of the sitemap name refers to eXtensible Markup Language. To put it simply, XML is a consistent way to format information so that it’s [...]

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Are self-referential canonical tags supported?

Canonical Elements If two pages on your website feature similar content, search engines may have trouble determining which page is most important.  Canonical elements (aka canonical tags) help search engines understand which page is most important. Canonical tags are included in the page HTML. That tag includes a link pointing to your preferred website content. Search [...]

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How do you prevent penalties for duplicate images?

Duplicate Photos Search engines don’t like duplicate content—whether text or images. Good Gallery uses innovative technology to prevent search engines from penalizing you if you use the same image more than once in a gallery. Automatic Canonical References Canonical link elements help prevent duplicate content issues by providing search engines with a link to preferred [...]

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Why is your photo SEO better?

We Do More Every aspect of our website builder is based on how to make it easier for you to succeed in SEO. Our SEO-first approach is which translates to better results for our photographer customers. That commitment is easily seen in our extensive list of features. Although our websites are beautifully simple and crazy [...]

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Are your sites search-engine friendly?

Building Friendly Websites Although search engines are supposed to understand your website content, website design requirements can sometimes outpace search engine capabilities. Or worse yet, some themes and website builders ignore search engine limitations. Old Technology Search engines often use old technology to gather information for their index. Unfortunately, that older technology may not consider [...]

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Do you use schema markup or structured data?

Schema Schema refers to code used by search engines to help them understand your content. Good Gallery websites include schema information. That information is created dynamically and automatically using data you already provide. Because we use schema information in our code, that in turn improves the way your website information is displayed in search engine [...]

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