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Can I hide pages from search engines?

Hide from Search Using simple settings, you can let search engines know that single image pages, entire galleries, or other any website page shouldn't be indexed. When these features are activated, instructions are provided in the HTML to let search engines know that your content shouldn’t be indexed. Intelligently Hidden In Good Gallery, every page [...]

Can I hide pages from search engines?2018-08-26T10:07:36-07:00

Do you have a mobile-first strategy?

Mobile First The phrase mobile-first refers to both user experience in general and Google’s latest ranking strategy. When mobile-first is referenced in relation to user experience, it typically means that designers prioritize a visitor’s mobile experience over their desktop experience. More recently, Google uses the term mobile-first to refer to their shift of using mobile [...]

Do you have a mobile-first strategy?2018-07-19T11:46:48-07:00

Do you provide SEO guidance?

User Manual Our User Manual includes a comprehensive SEO guide that helps you get started. This document outlines fundamentals like titles, headings, keywords, and content. For keyword content, it provides you with samples and recommendations specific to photographers. Perhaps most importantly, our User Manual provides you with easy-to-read instructions on how to use our most [...]

Do you provide SEO guidance?2018-07-19T11:46:59-07:00

Do auto seo tools or seo wizards exist?

We Speak the Truth Most photographers are working on SEO. Very few photographers are doing it well. And fewer still understand the nuances of what they’re supposed to be doing. There are no magical auto seo or seo wizards out there that will put you on the first page of search results for competitive keywords. [...]

Do auto seo tools or seo wizards exist?2018-07-19T11:47:18-07:00

Can you help me write website content?

Freelance Writers If you need help writing content for your website, consider hiring a freelance writer. You can use a search engine to look for freelance copywriting services. Pricing Info From a pricing perspective, less experienced writers will charge around $5 - $10 per 100 words. Most good freelance writers will charge around $10 to [...]

Can you help me write website content?2018-07-12T16:27:19-07:00

Where can I add SEO content on your websites?

SEO Everywhere Search engines use artificial intelligence and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve become more powerful. However, their understanding of images is still relatively limited. And so, as photographers, we need to create textual content alongside our images if we hope to remain competitive for SEO. That's why every area of Good Gallery [...]

Where can I add SEO content on your websites?2018-07-12T16:27:35-07:00

How is your approach to SEO different?

Our Approach There are two ways to address search engine optimization on websites. You can optimize the content and you can optimize technical factors that influence SEO. We help you do both. Technical Capabilities When speaking to technical capabilities, we've included the kitchen sink when it comes to adding features and tools related to optimizing [...]

How is your approach to SEO different?2018-07-12T16:27:56-07:00

Will you assign my site a dedicated IP address?

Shared IP Addresses Good Gallery customers are assigned one of several shared server IP addresses. SEO Myth It was once believed that websites with a dedicated IP address would receive an SEO benefit. This myth was born in 2003 when Craig Silverstein, then Director of Technology at Google, stated that using a dedicated IP address [...]

Will you assign my site a dedicated IP address?2018-07-12T16:28:16-07:00

Will switching to Good Gallery automatically help my SEO?

Highly Optimized Good Gallery is the most SEO-optimized platform available to photographers. We typically explain this differentiation with this general example; if you create two identical photographer websites—one on Good Gallery and one on a different platform—the website on our platform will likely rank higher in search results. And our platform includes tools that make [...]

Will switching to Good Gallery automatically help my SEO?2018-10-02T18:04:34-07:00

What happens when search engines make algorithm changes?

Daily Research Our team pours over dozens of SEO articles and interviews weekly looking for clues as to the future of search. Using this information, we employ or invent the most cutting-edge SEO strategies available anywhere and create tools long before many companies even realize that something new is happening with search engines. Planning for [...]

What happens when search engines make algorithm changes?2018-08-21T15:30:54-07:00
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