Design Notes

The Design Notes document should include your design requests.

First, create a rich text file named Design Notes. Save that file in a folder called Text.

Use Microsoft Word or any text editor that supports Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

If you’re using Apple Pages, export your document as rich text as we’re unable to open .pages documents. To export an Apple Pages document, go to the File menu, select Export To, and then choose Rich Text Format.

Indicate the image folder containing the images you’d like displayed on your home page. You can indicate a folder of existing images displayed elsewhere on your site or you can create a unique folder of images. Most photographers indicate an existing image folder.

Indicate the aspect ratio you prefer for thumbnails on desktop and mobile devices. The aspect selected will apply to all website galleries. The most common choices are square (1:1) or original (usually 2:3).

Indicate your brand color in HEX format (e.g. #FFFFFF) you’d like us to incorporate into your design. Accent colors are applied to the hover state of your menu and to control bar buttons. This external article explains how to find HEX values using Photoshop.

Indicate your preferred font. Examples of each font are available in Good Gallery’s administrative area. Select Tools and then choose the Typeface Previews option.

Choose your preferred initial website appearance from the list of Example websites. Note that advanced designs like websites that use Visual Menu Pages aren’t included with a Basic Configuration Service. But just let us know what you prefer and we’ll let you know if there are any issues with your selections.

Prepare Your Additional Content

We’ll also need these other materials to build your website.

Final Checklist

When you’re done preparing your content, review this checklist to make sure that you’re submitting everything we need.