Forms (Optional)

We can optionally include a form on your Contact page.

First, create a rich text file named Form. Save that file in a folder called Text.

Use Microsoft Word or any text editor that supports Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

If you’re using Apple Pages, export your document as rich text as we’re unable to open .pages documents. To export an Apple Pages document, go to the File menu, select Export To, and then choose Rich Text Format.

List your desired form fields. Include a label for each field and indicate if it’s a required field. For a dropdown list, include the values that should appear in the dropdown list.

Indicate if you would like the form to appear above or below your contact information on your Contact page.

Embedded Forms

If you’d like to use an embedded form instead of a Good Gallery form, include the entire embed code offered by your form provider.

ShootQ Integration

If you use ShootQ and you’d like an integrated form, (1) login to your ShootQ admin area, (2) select Settings, (3) select Contact Form, locate the “Your Leads Creation Email Address” field, and (5) include that address in your Contact Info document labeled as ShootQ Address.

Your integrated ShootQ form will include the following fields: (a) First Name; (b) Last Name; (c) Email; (d) Home Phone; (e) Referrer; (f) Event Type; (g) Event Date; (h) Event Location; and (i) Remarks. Provide a list of the Event Types you want to include.

Prepare Your Additional Content

We’ll also need these other materials to build your website.

Final Checklist

When you’re done preparing your content, review this checklist to make sure that you’re submitting everything we need.