Basic Configuration Checklist

When you’re done preparing your content for our Basic Configuration Service, review this checklist to make sure that you’re submitting everything we need.


  1. Your jpg or vector logo in saved in a folder named Logo.
  2. There is only one file in the Logo folder.


  1. All of your gallery photos are in subfolders under the Photos folder.
  2. Every photo has a unique filename.
  3. Your photos are saved in the sRGB color space.
  4. None of your photos are larger than 10MB.
  5. All your photos are at least 3000 pixels on the longest side.


  1. Your document titled Website Text is in the Text folder.
  2. You’ve included page breaks between content pages and any hyperlinks are in your body content.
  3. There are no images in your text documents. Image positions are indicated with the filename only. Text pages are saved in subfolder Text Pages under the Photos folder.

Contact Info

  1. Your document titled Contact Info is in the Text folder.
  2. You’ve copied the info from the Contact Info form into your Contact Info document.

Site Outline

  1. Your document titled Site Outline is in the Text folder.
  2. You’ve defined every page of your website in an outline format.
  3. There are subfolders under the Photos folder for every gallery listed in your site outline.
  4. There is text for every text page listed in your site outline.

Design Notes

  1. Your document titled Design Notes is in the Text folder.
  2. You’ve copied the info from the the Design Notes form into your Design Notes document.

Forms (Optional)

  1. Your document titled Forms is in the Text folder.
  2. You’ve listed all your desired fields for your contact form. Alternatively, provide the embed code for your preferred third-party form.

Video (Optional)

  1. For video pages, you’ve provided links to YouTube or Vimeo videos next to options in your Site Outline document.
  2. For embedded video, you’ve included links to YouTube or Vimeo videos in the appropriate location within your Website Text document.

Submit Your Info

  1. Create a folder named Good Gallery – YOURNAME (e.g. “Good Gallery – Jane Doe”) in Dropbox.
  2. Place all your content folders under that top-level folder.
  3. Refer to our Dropbox Instructions for detailed instructions on how to share your content.

Content Areas

Use these options to quickly refer to the materials lists and instructions for each content area.