The site we’ll create can include up to 5 gallery pages with up to 100 images in each folder. Each folder of images is presented as a separate gallery on your website. You can add more galleries, folders, and images after we’ve completed your initial service.

Create a folder named Photos. Create subfolders under the Photos folder that correspond with your gallery names (e.g. Weddings, Portraits, Seniors, Events). To display images from several folders on your home page, create a subfolder named Home Page and copy your home page images to that folder.

Since your photos are resized automatically, please provide full-size images. If full-size images are unavailable, they should be at least 3000px on the longest side for best results.

When saving images in Photoshop, choose a quality setting no higher than 10. When exporting images from Lightroom, choose a value no higher than 84%. Choosing higher values creates larger file sizes without an appreciable improvement in image quality.

When images are saved using our recommended quality settings, images should be no larger than about 6MB. Although our websites support file sizes up to 20MB, we’re unable to upload files that are larger than about 10MB as part of our Basic Configuration Service.

Original filenames aren’t displayed in Good Gallery. When images are uploaded, filenames are randomized and presented publicly as a string of random letters. Public filenames change when images are assigned keyword-rich Titles using Good Gallery tools.

Every image on Good Gallery must have a unique original filename. If necessary, prevent matching filenames by adding a folder name prefix to images (e.g. weddings-xxx.jpg).

Your original filenames indicate the initial sorting position. You can also change the sorting position after we’ve completed your initial service with our easy-to-use folder tools. Include leading zeros in your filenames if you want to use the default sorting method (e.g. wedding-001.jpg, wedding-002.jpg, … wedding-009.jpg, wedding-010.jpg).

To include the same image in multiple galleries, place copies of the image in multiple folders. Those copies should share the same original filename. For example, if you want an image named corporate-headshot.jpg to appear in two galleries, place the same image with the same filename in both folders.

Include embedded text page images in a subfolder called Text Pages under your Photos folder. More information about text page images is found in the Text instructions.

Prepare Your Additional Content

We’ll also need these other materials to build your website.

Final Checklist

When you’re done preparing your content, review this checklist to make sure that you’re submitting everything we need.