Use Microsoft Word or any text editor that supports Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

If you’re using Apple Pages, export your document as rich text as we’re unable to open .pages documents. To export an Apple Pages document, go to the File menu, select Export To, and then choose Rich Text Format.

First, create a rich text file named Website Text. Save that file in a folder called Text. All website text should be added to this single document. We’re unable to copy text from other locations. Include all required text inside the Website Text document.

Each content page must be separated by a page break. For example, insert a page break between your About Me content and your FAQ content inside the Website Text file.

To insert a page break in Microsoft Word, place your cursor where you want the break to occur and press CTRL + Enter. To insert a page break in Apple Pages, place your cursor where you want the break to occur, click the paragraph button on the toolbar, and then choose Page Break.

The site we’ll create can include up to 10 text pages with up to 5 images on each page. You can add more text pages or more images to pages after we’ve completed your initial service.

If content for a page in your Site Outline isn’t yet ready, include page in your Website Text document. To indicate that it’s intentionally blank, include the name of the page and the text “will insert text later” above the page heading (e.g. “About Me”)

If you want to link to other websites in your content, use the hyperlink tool in your text editor to include that URL.

Don’t include images in your text document. To indicate where an image should appear, include the full filename of the image in a bold font at the location where you’d like the image inserted. Add any images that should appear on text pages to a subfolder called Text Pages under your Photos folder.

To include multiple images on a text page as a group or grid format, it’s easiest to combine those images into a single image using the editor of your choice. Then save the group or grid as a single image file.

Inserting embedded code for award badges isn’t included with this service. If you want to include badge on text pages, include the badge as an image file using the same instructions we’ve provided for photos.

To indicate where embedded video should appear, include the full URL to your YouTube or Vimeo video within the page text. Only YouTube or Vimeo are supported.

Prepare Your Additional Content

We’ll also need these other materials to build your website.

Final Checklist

When you’re done preparing your content, review this checklist to make sure that you’re submitting everything we need.